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Senator Black disgusted at how Garda McCabe has been treated

I want to express my concern and disgust regarding the treatment of Sergeant Maurice McCabe and his family. I just had to mention this on the Order of Business today. As we all know, the greatest fear of any parent is to be accused of mistreating or abusing his or her children. It is an absolute nightmare. The treatment of Maurice McCabe by the organisation he continues to serve and by Tusla has been shameful.

I read this morning in the Irish Examinerthat a garda who has made complaints of malpractice is saying he has been subjected to intimidation and harassment. For example, a minor incident between this garda and his wife was referred to Tusla. It is reported that this case is known to the Minister and the Garda Commissioner. How many more cases are known? Does the Leader agree that there should be full disclosure of any files held by Tusla regarding any other Garda whistleblower? This should include the name of the person who made the initial report to Tusla.

If public confidence in the Garda is to be restored, it is essential for everyone involved in the mistreatment of Maurice McCabe and his family to be held accountable. The role of Tusla also needs to be investigated because the credibility of this organisation is in serious trouble. A full public inquiry is needed now. Anything less will prolong the agony of the McCabe family. It is time for all agencies and individuals with any knowledge of Maurice McCabe's mistreatment to be heard. I hope Sergeant McCabe is heard at last and is treated with the dignity and respect he and his family deserve.

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